It has become an accepted fact that every business and organization needs to have a website. There are many platforms, lots of programs and applications and a myriad of colors, graphics and fonts that can be combined to present a professional look online.

However, with all of these elements it is easy to forget that the basis of any good marketing tool is well thought out communication plan. No matter what the medium, if the message gets lost in the creative elements it will fail as a marketing tool.

So, at The Scarlett Consulting Group we begin with the basics – the who, what, when and where. Who are you communicating to? What is your message? When should they receive it? And, of course, where should the information be located?

We develop the content, help you decide on the creative elements of graphics and photos, and then we work with our web programmers and developers to create a website for your company or organization that is clear, concise and above all, becomes a lead generator for you, (rather than just an online brochure).

Keep in mind that a well-designed website will become the cornerstone of your entire online marketing effort.