“Google” has gone from being a noun to describe a company, to being a verb to describe the action of looking up something online. When someone ‘googles’ a search word related to your company, do you show up on page one?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of getting Google’s attention! Google could really care less about your company – the only thing they care about is bringing back the most relevant response to whatever question the consumer asked. And, the list of criteria of how they judge if you are relevant or not keeps getting longer and longer. . . . .

This can be very confusing for a business who is trying to make its way to page one. We take out all the worry and angst surrounding SEO and we will custom create a plan for getting you to page one. This plan will include establishing your correct information across all directories, optimizing your website for the relevant search terms, posting copy that supports your expertise in your geographic area, establishing backlinks to your site – all the things that Google looks for when deciding who is most relevant in a given geographic area.

We do what it takes to get you to number one!

Hand holding a SEO 3D Sphere sign on white background.