At The Scarlett Consulting Group, we understand marketing.  We know very well that credibility goes a long way in making a business successful.

We understand that the little gold stamp of approval from Amazon on a book with your name on it can make a very big impact.  We know that becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author will give you credibility, drive sales and can even make you go viral on social media.

By partnering with The Scarlett Consulting team, you can become a Best Selling Author almost immediately.  We work with you to create the manuscript, create the book cover and then launch a campaign that we guarantee will make you an Amazon Best Selling Author .  We will help you establish yourself as the industry leader in your area of expertise because we know that this will help you to grow your business.

We will handle all of the heavy lifting including, writing a manuscript in consultation with you, designing your professional book cover, editing your copy, formatting your book and promoting it all the way to number 1  – and you won’t have to lift a pen!

Everyone is a subject matter expert in something – and we specialize in helping you tap into that, create a book and launch it to become an Amazon Best Seller – guaranteed! So, why would you want to do this? Well, here are a few reasons!

  • Establishes you as a Thought Leader in your field
  • Commands attention for you, your product or service
  • Captures leads while you sleep
  • Builds a list of prospects
  • Opens doors to new opportunities
  • Facilitates speaking opportunities & joint ventures
  • Earn royalties while you sleep
  • Gets you Media Interviews

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