Where does a journey start? At the beginning, of course! When it comes to communication and marketing, it is VERY necessary to look back to where it all began. What marketing has your business done in the past 12 months? Two years? Five years?

An Audit is when we look at everything you have done in the past, look at the reasons behind why certain things were done and then measures the results.

  • Is your logo outdated?
  • When was the last time your company brochure was updated?
  • Is the website clear and concise from a communication point of view?
  • Does it have all the technology that you need to reach your audience?
  • Have you defined your audience(s)?

Once all these questions are answered, it is then possible to determine exactly where your company is and where it needs to be – just like a journey in the real world. (GPS only works if it knows where you are to begin with!!)

Based on the information gleaned from the Audit, it is then possible for us to put together a Marketing Proposal that contains the pieces you need to reach your destination – one that speaks to your audiences and grows your business.