Every time you turn around there seems to be yet another way to use technology to market your business.  Business owners can get overwhelmed just by trying to keep up with what is out there, let alone finding the time to actually learn how to use all the new bells and whistles.

However, there is one thing that stays constant – the rules of communication and relationship building have not changed!  It is very important to have two-way communication with your clients and your potential clients.

Let’s take email newsletters as an example.  Most small companies get a copy of Constant Contact, and on an irregular basis send out a page of news.  However, have you asked your clients how often they would like to hear from you?  Have you asked them what they would like to learn from you?

Yes, bells and whistles are really nice, but keeping up the lines of communication with clients and fulfilling their exceptions is really what it’s all about.  For communication to happen, it needs to be a two-way street – so let’s be sure and use technology to meet that goal instead of letting it get in the way!

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