For over 12 years Neil’s entrepreneurial aptitude and his talent as a digital media artist using both video and photography has opened doors, big and small, for his business in both the commercial business world and as an event photographer.
Educated and trained as an electronics engineer in Great Britain, Neil moved into the Computer Tech business by supporting computer systems for big names in the London financial district such as Reuters and Telerate, (prior to its purchase by Dow Jones), and later for Wall Street firms such as Solomon Smith Barney and Citi group.
Later Neil worked for healthcare leaders such as Memorial Sloan Kettering after which he got his first taste of the “entrepreneurial bug” whilst working for communications start-up company, Norvergence and later a computer forensics startup.
After this there was no turning back!  So, armed with a wealth of corporate and Tech experience, Neil started his digital photography studio in 2005 which has led him to team up with fellow entrepreneurs as The Scarlett Consulting Group.
As a media artist Neil has earned rave reviews from his own clients and to top it off Neil has been inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ of a well-established, nationally recognized Wedding Photography Studio.