Mindy brings a varied basket of experiences to the table, along with a bubbly personality and the ability to always see that the glass is half full. She began her career in marketing at the age of 19, when she was the publicity person for the adult education division of a university in Michigan.

After marrying her writing professor and moving to Australia, Mindy launched her career as the editor of a magazine for an association, implementing one of the first desktop publishing departments in Australia. While working full time for a cancer research institute, Mindy finished her degree in Public Relations with a minor in business and went on to become the Manager of Corporate Communications for the pension division of a major life insurance company.

After ten years of working for others, Mindy returned to the US and decided it was time to work for herself! So, she stepped out on her own and over the years has owned several businesses, from a public relations firm and online newspaper to an interior design firm.

Now, as the Managing Director of The Scarlett Consulting Group, she brings over a quarter of a century of experience and talent to the team. Her ability to collect information and synthesize plans and connect with people is at the base of all successful client interactions.