Our resident podcasting team of Matt Callery and Peter Bonfanti will help you create a unique tool to market your business

Podcasting is officially the hot new digital trend. In fact, it’s being said that Podcasts are the new blogs. It is the start of a new media content revolution that is empowering individuals with the ability to globally distribute their ideas and create a following of like- minded fans.

A Podcast is like a radio show, recorded and then posted to the Internet for everyone to listen to. A podcast can be about anything, and can be found anywhere on the internet with a simple Google search.

No matter who you are or what you do, there’s an interesting angle to be found in the way you present it to the public. Matt and Pete will help you find it. Most importantly, Matt and Pete don’t simply record and edit your show. They have a vested interest in your show sounding great, delivering great content and showing up across the internet.