All through history, technology has had a major impact on how marketing is conducted.  The first major breakthrough was the invention of the printing press.  This made it possible to produce many pieces of paper that said the same thing, without having to depend on individuals laboriously writing out each copy.

In the past decade, technology has made quantum leaps forward in what is available to use for marketing, with the advent of the internet, social media and countless other things online.  While it has provided many more choices and much more power to reach more people, it has also made it very confusing for business owners.

Here at The Scarlett Consulting Group , we specialize in ‘making marketing simple.’  We look at everything a business has done over the past two years, analyze the audiences they wish to reach and then put together a marketing program that will satisfy the needs of the business and utilize all levels of technology.

Don’t feel you have to keep up with all changes in technology all by yourself when it comes to marketing.  Let us do the translating for you!