As a business that primarily serves its local community, few things are as critical to your marketing strategy as local SEO. When prospective clients search for the services you provide on Google and other search engines, they’re searching with what they want and where they are as keywords.

For example, somebody looking for dessert in Westfield might search “ice cream Westfield NJ.” Using local SEO will connect you with your target audience through their searches.

A few statistics about local SEO to consider are:

  • 46 percent of Google searches are local.

  • 78 percent of local mobile searches lead to an in-person purchase.

  • 64 percent of customers use online searches to find local businesses.

Improving your local SEO isn’t difficult. It’s also not expensive – in many instances, it’s absolutely free. Your business can use its Google My Business listing to rank high in local searches. You can also grab your free spot in other online directories, like Bing Places for Business.

Local SEO is all about visibility. Just like you have a sign in front of your business to tell passersby what you offer, your listings in online directories act as signs to direct internet users to your website. Online directories have higher conversion rates than other marketing avenues, with a conversion rate of 50 percent in some categories.

Using relevant keywords to your city and region will improve your local SEO. Local SEO isn’t something you add onto your business’ website, it’s something that’s woven into the website. It’s in your headers, your text, your meta descriptions, and even your URL. If these sound like foreign phrases to you, don’t worry. Contact The Scarlett Consulting Group  today to set up your local search consultation, during which we can explain all of these terms and more to help you develop the local search strategy your company needs.