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We want to talk to you about why the free consultation is the most valuable gift that we can give you. Sometimes we put the lowest value on the least expensive purchase. Well that couldn’t be less accurate. At The Scarlett Consulting Group, our free consultation will be the most significant decision you make for your company and its future.

Throughout our one hour together, we will focus on your status, your goals and your challenges. We will spend the bulk of the time learning about your business, your products, your staff, and your current approach. Through a deep understanding of your business plan,we can then assess the situation and strategize the most efficient way to help you reach your goals at the lowest cost.

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These women are great! They are professional, knowledgeable, and they know how to get things done with great results. We will be clients for life!
L. Ann
Mindy is an absolute gem! She took the time to ask questions and carefully listen in order to fully understand our business and our future trajectory. As a small business owner it’s so important for me to feel someone is on my side understanding my business on a deeper level. Mindy gave me that confidence at our very first consultation. You can’t go wrong with The Scarlett Consulting Group!
T. Bianchino
Having Mindy as my editor made a huge difference! Her ideas and enhancements were invaluable. She was able to elicit my best writing and thinking with her probing and thoughtful questions. She also added incredible value by helping me to frame out chapters and keep to our agreed-upon timeline. She is an excellent listener and a true team player. I cannot wait to work with her again on my next book!
L. Kent